Tuesday, September 13, 2011


One day last year, the Faery and I were having a conversation when she began staring intently into my eyes.

"Mum, what are those cracks in your eyes?"

Was she talking about my crows feet laughter lines? "They're called wrinkles."

"No, Mum, not your wrinkles. I mean, what are those red cracks in your eyes?"

I was confused, but then the penny dropped. My eyes must have been looking red, so I explained to her about small veins, and the role of veins in our bodies.

Wrinkles, blood-shot eyes... either way, boy did I feel attractive. Yeah, baby.

Apart from a quick status update about it on Facebook that day (which resulted in many amused comments), I'd forgotten about this particular exchange.

Until the other day.

I was going through the wad of school worksheets from last week that the Faery had brought home in her bag. She is currently in a bilingual Kindergarten program, and learning Korean, so it seems like there is double the amount of stuff to sort through each day.

Amongst her worksheets, I found this:

In case you missed it, take a closer look.

I felt compelled to ask her what the red lines were. Don't ask why.

With a roll of her eyes and a big sigh, "They're veins, Mum. Remember? You told me eyes have veins."

I wonder how long she's going to add this detail to her rendition of eyes. How often do her teachers encounter children who insist on drawing eyes in clear need of Visine?

I consoled myself with the fact that at least my eyes are green. That stoned, blue, blood-shot eye belongs to someone else...


  1. Harsh. Way harsh.

    She doesn't miss a trick, does she?

  2. LOL! Too funny! Kids remember the most embarrassing things.

  3. Haha, no I didn't miss it ... it jumped right out at me! Dang these children and their brutal honesty.

    I do a nice line in bloodshot too but you can chuck in crows feet, bags and dark circles and the horror is complete.

  4. Angie - Some days, she's a little too sharp for her own good...

    Amy - Just you wait until Jensen's talking properly ;)

    Mel - No matter how much sleep I get, I have a case of terminal dark circles. Even pre-kids. (I've been told it's something to do with one's liver?) I don't own a lot of make-up, and don't even wear it daily, but if I don't put concealer under my eyes, it ain't pretty...