Friday, September 2, 2011

Desperate Housewife

A lot happened over the second half of July that I didn't really have time to sit down and write about.

One of the cooler things was seeing a frenzy of film crews in my neighbourhood. One morning, I was heading north along my street, up past my local supermarket, on my way to the park. The traffic outside my apartment complex and local supermarket was insane. There is never traffic built up on those streets, but as I went past the supermarket, I could see why - everyone was rubbernecking. Half the supermarket's carpark was cordoned off, and police on motorbikes were standing on the street curb, directing the flow of traffic. Within the carpark, massive bright lights were set up, surrounded by cameras and large white trucks. That was all I managed to see, though.

That evening I had to buy some milk and after paying for it, I asked one of the staff members what the filming was for. "Desperate Housewives," she answered, "I can't believe I missed out! I had the morning off, and it was all packed up by the time I started work in the afternoon." I knew how she felt. I haven't actually watched an episode since about 2007, but still, it would have been interesting to see some of it being filmed. Given that most mornings involve a walk up to this supermarket, I felt a little cheated that this happened on the one morning I did something different.

That same day, driving back from the park and along some of the back streets, I saw another group of large white trucks parked outside one of the fancier houses. My mother-in-law was in the car, and got a better look than I did - she told me that the trucks has CSI written on them. I guess my neighborhood was in demand as a filming location.

The following day, I had to take the Faery to her preschool. We walked (it was only two blocks away) and I saw more filming equipment being set up along that street. Once we arrived at her preschool, half the carpark was full with catering vans and marquees. I asked the preschool staff what this was all for, and again, it was for Desperate Housewives.

That afternoon, on my way to collect the Faery, I was crossing at the intersection where filming was taking place and heard, "And... ACTION!" So many people were standing around the set that I couldn't really see anything. I made it to the other side, doing my best to look blasé and cool - as if I'm used to being surrounded by film crews, and then I heard, "CUT!" I looked back and got a clearer view of the set. A brunette woman was sitting in the driver seat of a car, and a police officer (or actor) was leaning over and talking to her, with his motorcycle parked behind her car.

Hearing those calls for action, and to cut, put a big smile on my face. If that isn't living in LA, then I don't know what is.

As the Faery and I began walking back home, we had to cross that same intersection. While we were crossing, she asked me what the filming was for, and I explained they were making a TV show called Desperate Housewives.

The Faery, "Well, why are they filming it every day? And what is a housewife, anyway?"

I replied that a housewife is a woman who doesn't got to work, and stays at home instead.

By this stage, we were across the road, and within earshot of the immediate crew and set. In a loud, clear voice, the Faery exclaimed, "THAT'S JUST LIKE YOU, MUM! YOU'RE A DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE!"

A few chuckles erupted around us, and I'm pretty sure my face was turning pink as I grabbed her hand and pulled her along faster.

I'd forgotten all about that day, as the next few days were filled with the Faery's birthday, followed by a trip to San Diego. However, I recently picked up one of those gossip magazines, and in the 'star' photo section, I saw:

(Photo source)
I also found a site with a series of photos taken that day, here. Yes, I had to google gossip sites for the greater good of this post. It needed a photo, right?

Oh, and Teri says hello.


  1. Okay, THIS? Was deeply cool. Just floating my boat, every which way.

    And The Faery? STOP IT. She is too brilliant.

    I was going to say, I hope you're writing this stuff down..... Duh.

  2. Hollywood came to me - yeah, I thought that was cool. Meant to write about it for ages, if only for your benefit ;)