Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm not much a of a soft-drink girl, but I've been drinking an awful lot of this lately:

Thirsty? That's my problem. This heat makes me crave super sweet cold drinks more than usual. Normally, Coke is just a hangover cure for me (not that I have much of a call for that these days)... but over recent weeks, I've found myself buying a small glass bottle on an almost-daily basis. Bad.

These bottles of Mexican Coke are only $1 a pop at my local shops, and meet several of my rules regarding Coke.

The first rule is that it always taste nicest from glass. The second rule is that Coke sweetened from sugar cane (as opposed to high fructose corn syrup) is always going to taste better than its American counterpart. Oh, and my third rule is to never drink the diet or sugar-free versions. Not only is it a taste thing, I just don't see the point.

An added bonus is that this black liquid solves my conundrum of settling for less-than-mediocre coffee when a caffeine fix is also required. That's what I call a win.

And hey, this Coke habit is definitely cheaper than preferable to the other kind of Coke habit. I have so little in the way of vices these days... no one stands between me and a good old sugar hit.


  1. I loved a drop of the Black Doctor when I was pregnant the first time - right at the end of things too. It started with those Coke slushies (it was a hot season and we lived near a 7-11). Damn they were good.

    I agree - better in glass and full strength. I have the odd Coke Zero now and again but can taste the sweeteners in it and don't like it as much.

    Refresco amigo!

  2. It's all about Coke in glass. I am, sadly, an expert.

    Except for at the moment. Can't touch the stuff. So weird......

  3. No Coke in the house today! I could really do with some, though...