Thursday, October 20, 2011


Damn other people's kids.

The Faery has been super excited about a visit from the Sugar Sprite Fairy. She doesn't care about her sugar haul getting taken, because she loves the idea of a new toy. It's brilliant.

Then the other day, she was playing with some kids that live in a nearby apartment. The other kids are similarly aged, and she adores them, but there are also times where it ends in tears because they have much more dominant personalities than hers, and she gets frustrated. This was one of those days. She came running home, in a flood of tears.

"Mum, they said that the Halloween Fairy isn't real! And they said I'm a baby! WAAAAAAAAH!"

Okay, so she can be hypersensitive and cry at the drop of a hat - these kids have figured that much out - but I was furious with them for not letting her believe in that fairy.

She looked heartbroken, so I told her the other girls were wrong and it was silly of them to say that to her. She continued bawling.

I added, "You know why they think she isn't real? Because she only visits children who believe in fairies."

The Faery looked up at me, her blue eyes as wide as can be, and hot tears spilling out. "But I do believe, Mum, I really do!" She nodded her head vigorously.

I told her that the reason I knew this for a fact was because the same fairy visited out friends in Portland after last Halloween.

The Faery smiled, and exhaled in relief.

Am I going to hell for telling such lies to her? I should be feeling bad about it, but I don't. I want her to have some magic in her childhood.

After all, how many people need therapy because they were encouraged to believe in the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus?

Having said that, I'm dreading the day she comes home from school and announces - courtesy of the schoolyard grapevine - that they aren't real.

I want to bottle her innocence, and keep it forever...


  1. One of the things that used to bother me on a certain baby forum was that people used to say they didn't tell their children "lies" about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. I don't get that. They are kids. This is about pretend and having fun, not lying. It has always seemed an unduly harsh assessment of something that is just a part of happy childhood memories for me.

    Drat those little brats and their spoil-sportery. Hope it made them feel good for five minutes because I know who'll be laughing out the other side of their face when the Sugar Sprite Fairy DOES come!

  2. I'll be laughing too because my child won't be bouncing off the walls indefinitely from too many Halloween treats - unlike some of the other kids around here that I've seen, walking around at dinner time with a king-sized Snickers in their little hands...

    Okay. I'll stop my snarky judgement now.

    You are so right. It's all about happy memories, isn't it?

  3. Damn other people's kids!!

    The Faery is five. FIVE. You need not fear the repercussions of a vengeful god because you allowed a small child the space to believe.

    All too soon, the real world will come rushing in and you'll be trying to explain away that, too. Because that's what we do. Parents give their children the information they need and protect them from shit that they have no business knowing until they are older and equipped to process it.

    I believe in faeries.

  4. Faeries rock! Especially mine.

    (I used to see them when I was a kid - true)

    You have such a great approach to this parenting caper, Angie. Your kids are very lucky.

  5. I dunno about that, babe. I feel I am pushing shit uphill most days. Writing out my beliefs is a much easier task than putting them into action with real, human children!

    I am a lyrical waxer....or something.

    Your Faerie is the shizz.

  6. That she is.

    And you, my dear, worry too much! You do an awesome job, I'm sure.