Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feline plans

Remember the chair I reclaimed from the side of a road?
The one I have plans to fix up nicely?

Looks like Emily also has plans for this chair.

A place to plan the demise of her human captors.

Actually, that evil expression is just a yawn...
...but we should consider it a warning.

For now, sleep beckons.

(Speaking of cats, I'll be attending a crew wrap party and screening for Puss In Boots tomorrow... yippee!)


  1. Laughed out loud! She is going to decorate it in her own way which will probably include a shed fur nap on the seat and distressed timber effect on the scratching posts, I mean, legs.

    For inspiration, perhaps I can show her a photograph of a beanbag PussPuss prepared earlier ... =)

  2. It's just as well the fabric will be getting replaced, isn't it?

    Although, I'm concerned about what plans she has for the new improved version...