Saturday, October 1, 2011


Miss Pie is obsessed with hats at the moment. Actually, she's obsessed with any item of clothing that she can attempt to put on herself; hats just happen to be the most readily accessible. Paper bags will do, too. She raided her sister's dress up gear the other day, found this headband, and insisted, "Hat!" 

Who could argue with these blue eyes?

It's a shame she's probably going to be our last babe. We make pretty damn cute ones.


  1. I love these pics - she is so much like you and getting more so by the day.

    I'm getting a Gatsby vibe off that headband although I know it's more native American than East Egg. Still a good look, Miss Pie.

    (Tried to leave a comment earlier but Google is messing with me this weekend. If you get two, please disregard one of them).

  2. It's all good - I only see one comment :)

    How cute is the headband? Would you believe that (in a rare fit of getting crafty) I actually made it? Totally copied from a photo I saw on Pinterest...

  3. Total shame. Your babes are crazy gorgeous.

    Miss Pie rocks that headband sideways. I am digging the vibe of our little Oxes....Oxen? No.

    They insist on being all up in the world, don't they? Doing stuff, being non-babyesque.

  4. Tell me about it. The latest is her strong preference to sit at the table, instead of in the highchair. I can't keep away her from the table when it's homework time - makes for fun times. Yeah. It's actually doing my head a little.

    I know I wrote Oxes earlier to you, but I had reservations and some tiny voice from the recesses of my memory whispered Oxen... but I couldn't be bothered changing it.

  5. Oxen is wrong. We don't have oxen, babe.

    But then again...stubborn much?

    And hold on, you made that headband??? I knew I remembered it from somewhere. You totally Pinterested in real life. Ace!

  6. Okay, glad I ignored that whispering voice then.

    That headband? Is, sadly, the only thing I've actually I've made in a very long time... the motivation/inspiration is yet to be repeated (although I've mined a few recipes from the site).

  7. You know what I do? I see something on Pinterest, I say I'm totes making that, I go and purchase all the materials..........and that is the end of the story.

    My craft cupboard? Overflowing with materials.

    Le sigh.

  8. You have a craft cupboard? You're at least a step of me then.

    The only reason this headband got made was because I had some old scraps of felt lying around, and random beads from god knows how many years ago. That was/is the extent of my craft supplies....