Thursday, January 5, 2012


We first found this studio-backlot-themed play area shortly after we'd arrived in Los Angeles. We were living in a hotel until a suitable apartment was found for us to rent. The hotel was in a convenient enough location - walking distance through the nice part of town to Burbank's IKEA and local mall, enabling me to to stock up daily on the basics we'd be needing as soon as we moved.

Every day, the Faery and I would trek into town with Miss Pie reclining in her stroller. I'd buy the maximum amount of towels, sheets, pillows, kitchenware, pots and pans I could possibly fit under the stroller and hang off the side. The trudge back to the hotel was always a delicate balancing act, and I received more than a few strange looks from people along the way. The stroller was essentially a caravan, with just enough room for a newborn.

Anyhow, the play area in the local mall provided a convenient rest stop where the Faery could run around and burn off steam, while I breastfed Miss Pie - something I did discretely but earned me some dirty looks. I'm still trying to figure out 'liberal' California.

In those days, the Faery was three and a half, and Miss Pie just eleven weeks old. If she wasn't feeding, she'd be sleeping soundly in her stroller while the Faery played. Miss Pie just fed, slept, fed, slept - such an easy baby.

We found ourselves there again today, but under such different circumstances.

The Faery was in a state of anxiety when we realised she is now slightly taller than the sign showing the maximum height allowed for kids to play there - 4'2", whatever that is. Given she's a sensible kid who doesn't play roughly, I decided it was no big deal, but she was convinced she'd get into trouble from some random authority figure. She couldn't relax.

As for Miss Pie, she's now a fearless toddler and only days away from her second birthday. She was outrunning most the kids there, and deftly climbing the structures, giving cause for my heart to skip a beat on more than one occasion.

Time... it flies...


  1. I remember you telling us about the Ikea trips in the stroller from the early days. It does feel like so long ago but strangely, just like yesterday ... =)

    The Faery really likes to do the right thing, doesn't she. She has a strong perfectionist streak in her. W has some of that same anxiety around those issues. Is it an eldest child thing I wonder ... I used to think those things were made up but now I'm not so sure. Besides, I'm an eldest child too and they definitely apply to me. =)

    Our youngest are so similar too. I really need to rethink my position on this birth order thing.

  2. I'm actually a big believer in this birth order thing. Although I'm reluctant to stick labels on a child simply because of their position amongst siblings, I can't but help feel it does explain a lot.

    Both J and I are the eldest too, and we each had that similar anxiety about doing the right thing as a child. We see a lot of traits in the Faery that we had - feeling responsible for so much, wanting to please the grown ups, worried about breaking the rules... poor doll.

  3. I am all about the birth order, too - Ziggy's headfirst behaviour certainly fits with the second child thing.

    Luca was always more cautious but he does seem to have skipped the bit about wanting to please the grown ups. That kid doesn't give a fuck....