Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Semi Wordless Wednesday: Trike love

One of the gifts that Mis Pie received for her birthday was a tricycle. It was an instant favourite, and when the Faery was done with school for the day, she spent time helping Miss Pie play with the trike.

I didn't expect to witness such lovely moments of sharing, but I did. If I stare too long at some of the photos I took, a lump forms in my throat. It may be clich├ęd, but there you have it. There is something about the last two photos, especially, that keep me returning for more.


  1. I have all boys, so you can imagine what those pictures did to my hear right?


  2. Oh, so sorry..

    that would be "heart"


  3. Thank you! I knew what you meant - thanks for stopping by!

  4. Gorgeous girls! Enjoy! They go from 2 and 4 to 19 and 21 in, what feels like, the time it took to blink! Saw your comment on Good Day Regular People and thought I'd have a look.

  5. Given how quickly the last five years have gone, I don't doubt the next fifteen will too. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Oh my...the sisterly love is overflowing in your photos. LOVE the second last one where she is pulling the sweet!
    Found you on Good Day, Regular People and thought I'd stop by...glad I did!

  7. Yep, those last two are killers, Mad. Especially the second last one - Pie's face???? Slays me.

    Wonder what it will be like for Little Lady with two older brothers?

    Can't wait to find out...