Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meteorologic musings

Perhaps I've mentioned I have a lovely new iPhone? And that despite never coveting one before, I am head over heels in love with it.

My latest addiction is to the Instagram app, but more on that in the near future.

With the clock app, I never have to calculate what time it is in Sydney before attempting a Skype call.

(My brain thanks my phone.)

The weather app is also handy.

I never have to pay attention to those weather 'personalities' on the TV again - people with whacky names like Dallas Raines (seriously, I have such a hard time believing he was named that at birth, but apparently he was).

I need never google the forecast again - it's all at my fingertips.

As you can see, we're not doing too badly here. Winter has been mild - this is the coolest it's been in about a month. Blue skies and lots of sun - Seasonal Affective Disorder will not be a problem for me in LA.

However, looking through the many Instagram photos of others, I've realised something that's missing - awesome clouds and temperamental weather can make for great photos.

Not a whole lot of atmospheric wonders happening in these southern Californian skies.

On my weather app, I also have the weather for a couple of other cities. Now and then, I like to know what it's doing in Sydney... because I'm a nerd like that.

Rain, clouds, thunderstorms and sunshine - that sounds about right for a week of summer in Sydney. Even a single day can have all of those.

I miss those thunderstorms, I really do.

But when I want to cheer myself up?

I check out what the weather's doing in London, and remember the numerous winters that I suffered there.

Yeah... I don't miss that.


  1. Ha! And right there is why I don't even necessarily want to visit London. Shudder. Or should I say, shiver?

    The winter weather in LA? Ridiculous. I would be loving that sick.

    1. London winters are terrible. If it actually snowed there more than once a year, it'd make it worthwhile, but it doesn't. Summer is lovely, though.

      I don't know if last winter here was colder than normal, or if this time round is milder than normal... but in the last month, I've only needed the heating a handful of times (just first thing in the morning). Yeah, ridiculous!