Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dragon Heart

Ever since I was a kid, I've had a love for thunderstorms.

I love the building suspense in the air as a storm approaches. How big is this storm going to be? I love watching the sky change as the the flashes jump between bruised clouds. I love the ear-splitting cracks of thunder when the storm is directly above: as a kid, counting one thousand, two thousand... I love the relief that comes with a storm. There's no better way to finish off a hot day in Sydney than with the storm that's likely to end it.

Years later, as J became familiar with my storm love, he told me it was because I was born in the Year of the Dragon, and the Chinese used to believe that thunder was the sound of dragons clashing in the sky. I loved that idea.

I don't really identify with horoscopes - never viewed myself as a proper Aries - but something about being a dragon appeals to me. For many years, I told myself if I ever got a tattoo, it would be an oriental dragon. Dragon tattoos may be a little clich├ęd to some, but it's less so if I am a dragon, right? Not everyone else with dragon tattoos are dragons.

(I never did get that tattoo. The publication of a certain bestselling Swedish novel killed that idea swiftly, although I read the trilogy, saw the films... and loved it all.)

This week has brought the Lunar New Year, completing three full cycles in my lifetime under the Chinese horoscope. The last time it was Year of the Dragon, it was 2000 and full of adventure - it was an amazing year.

To all the dragons out there: this is our year and it's going to be great.

My lovely dragon, who has known happier times.
Hatched in Bondi Markets in 1997,
it has had six homes, lived in three cities,
spent nearly five years in a box under my parents' house,
been knocked over by cats, lovingly glued back together,
and is currently well out of reach of little fingers.


  1. This is so cool! I love Dragons. Dad is one and so is my brother. Then there's all of you guys and Ms Angie's new little one.

    I like that you've had him for so long and he's "followed" you. It's great to have those little companions on life's journey.

    I'm a monkey. Never thought about getting a monkey tattoo. Might just confirm some people's suspicions about me if you know what I mean.

    1. Dragons are cool, and monkeys are too. That's the suspicion you're talking about, right?

  2. I have a dragon tattoo but it's a happy faced dragon, not oriental. I too love thunderstorms but am a monkey lol. The guy who did my tattoos is in LA actually, he's awesome if you want to go get one ;)

    1. Another monkey! I reckon if I was truly meant to get a tattoo, I'd have done it by now. Too much procrastination, know what I mean? Although, we've become friends with some of F's classmate's parents, and one of them is apprenticing as a tattooist, and he has a background in graphic design. I'd love to see his work if I get more serious about this.

  3. I agree with you about storms! But sadly, over here, if there's a storm, afterwards the good weather will never come back.. at least most of the times. After the storm it just keeps on raining. After a few summers in Sweden you wouldn't think Ireland and the UK would be the rainiest countries anymore, lol!
    Too bad that your idea of a dragon tattoo was killed by Stieg Larsson:( I've been thinking a lot about tattoos lately... just don't know what to get.. probably a mandolin, but I want one that looks like mine!

    1. I really miss storms - they just don't happen in LA. One clap of thunder and the show's over. Disappointing.

      A mandolin would make a great tattoo. I'm sure you could take some photos of yours to a good tattooist and see what designs they come up with :)

  4. Angelina killed the dragon tattoo for me. And also sex with knives....

    You have no idea how THRILLED I am that my little girl will be a dragon like her mumma. I don't know why but like you, being a dragon is somehow really meaningful for me. And I always imagined I'd have a daughter who was like me so maybe this is the link.

    I love your dragon - he's lived a life, hasn't he?

    1. Not an Angelina fan then?

      I love that your little girl will be a dragon too - such a great link to have. It's kind of like F and I both being fire signs - I like that, even if I don't pay much attention to zodiacs.

    2. I knew you would get a kick out of my little dragon! If anyone was going to understand, it was you.

      Angelina? Used to LOVE her. But I've moved on....

  5. You are about to embark on an awesome year they say, Dragon! Lucky you. I'm an year lucky and smooth as good fortune will abound...hopefully 'cause I like the smooth part!

    Something about storms make me feel safe especially if it rains during the night!

    Love that your dragon has followed you to so many places and has had a life. Enjoy the great year ahead.

    Hadn't visited in a while and found myself over here. Glad I came!

    1. Storms at night are the best! Nothing like being snuggled up, dry, and hearing the rain pouring down on the roof - it's something I miss now that we live in a ground floor apartment. Not that it pours rain - or storms - in LA...

      Thanks for dropping by again!