Monday, April 9, 2012

All Spring and no action

How was your Easter weekend?

We don't do the church thing. No elaborate hauls of gifts either. 

The weather was glorious - naturally - so there was poolside frolicking (J and the girls), poolside chilling (me), egg hunting (the girls), ice cream consumption (the girls)... not to mention chocolate and hot cross buns devoured (all of us).

This was our third Easter, States-side and there are a few things I'm used to now. Little plastic eggs to fill with treasures and sweets for the egg hunt, hot cross buns sugar-fied the American way with icing on top, and the fact that it's spring - although that itself never felt unusual after having also lived in the UK.

Only a few elements still seem strange. Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are regular days here. I prefer the four-day weekends that Australians and Brits enjoy. Also, that hot cross buns aren't abundant - at least not where we live. I miss being able to pick up warm, fresh batches from any bakery... or even just throwing a few half-dozen packs into my trolley at the regular supermarket.

All in all, though, our weekend was perfect. There is nothing quite like the excitement of small children who still believe in the magic of the Easter Bunny... I'll be sad when that stage passes.

Hope your weekend was just as lovely as ours.


  1. Lovely shots and I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves with nice weather for doing so.

    We ate too much but still ... onward and upward. =)

  2. I worked all the weekend except on Monday when we went to see Daniel's family and celebrated a 5-year-old. It looks like you had a good time, lovely pictures and your little girls are so pretty!

  3. Looked dreamy, babe. We are having some superb weather here so I am not too envious. Except maybe about the ice-cream...and the pool...and the iPhone...

  4. Such fantastic photos! I think this may have been the last fuss-free Easter for me for awhile, but I'm looking forward to egg hunts.

  5. (yes! Finally! I can comment!)