Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend wishing

Too often, I find my weekends passing by in a blur - not because we've been incredibly busy, but because we've been relaxing - only to realise on Sunday afternoon that we should have actually done something more worthwhile with our time. There is so much to see and do in California, that even if we were to just focus on places within a few hours' drive of home, we'd be busy for a long time to come.

My obsession with Pinterest peaked some time ago, but one board that's had me pinning regularly is the one I have to remind me of places we want to see within California (and L.A.). Yesterday I printed the compilation out, stuck it in a cheap IKEA frame that's been sitting around, and hung it near the kitchen so that next time we find ourselves twiddling our thumbs, or with a little money aside for a night's accommodation, the inspiration will be be right under our noses.

Whether it's somewhere nearby - just for an afternoon - or a little further out for a couple of days, here's a sample of what's on my list:

Big Sur
Source: via Kristen Pinkham on Pinterest

Hearst Castle
Source: via Jill Braun on Pinterest

Santa Barbara
Source: via k krantz on Pinterest 

Palm Springs
Source: via Christina Hjorth on Pinterest

Joshua Tree National Park
Source: LA Times

Echo Park, LA
Source: via Marc Loresto on Pinterest

Getty Villa, Malibu
Source: LA Times 

One of the many Redwood forests
Source: via Maddie Burke on Pinterest

Yosemite National Park
Source: via Sharon Yates Mayhack on Pinterest

This is only a fraction of what's on the list - it should keep us busy, right? Not to mention all the fabulous photo opportunities. Stay tuned...


  1. Oh man, just so much to see!

    I totally get the relaxing all weekend but then wondering what else you might have done. But hey, weekends are sacred and relaxation is in short supply so it's a tough one.

    Also, hauling kids around is fraught with danger - perfect days can turn to hell at the fickle hands of a child...particularly a toddler!

    But I guess when you're in a foreign country with finite time to see as much as you can, it seems crazy not to take advantage. California is particularly awesome for being able to jump in the car and just hours later, be witnessing something breath-taking. Awesome.

    1. The downside... yes, travelling with wee ones. I just try and remind myself that one day, they'll look back at the photos and - with any luck - might even have some nice memories. One can hope! F has a memory like an elephant; she truly does.

      We're thinking a weekend in Palm Springs is at the top of our list for now. Can't go crazy with nights away because of a trip to a certain land down under in August ;)