Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Enter the fourth dragon cycle

Since joining a gym at the end of January, I've been pretty strict without myself. Going three times a week, keeping a food diary and - for the first time in my life - counting calories. I have a severely sweet tooth and am unwilling to completely cut out the sweet treats... but I'm definitely eating a lot less of them. I'm incredibly stubborn and I'm discovering this is working to my advantage.

It's working, and so far I've lost 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs). Come summer, and I may even consider wearing dresses that reveal more than just my ankles. I've always been more of a jeans girl, but I feel like it's time to mix things up a little.

On Sunday, I gave myself a break for the day. Instead of a light breakfast, I feasted with my family at a local spot that we've been meaning to try for ages. My usual Sunday gym visit was replaced with a leisurely stroll around Descanso Gardens - sunshine and tulips galore. I have a thing for tulips. This was followed by a session of child-free, selfish clothes shopping for me - to replace some of my threads that are getting a little baggy. And for the entire day? I ate and drank whatever the hell I wanted. Bliss.

Why the day of indulgence? It was my birthday and you only turn thirty-six once, right? I know I've said it before, but this Year of the Dragon - my year - is full of promise. So far, so good...


  1. Wow! Well done hon...you are inspiring me big time! Sorry I missed your birthday though :o( Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you xoxoxox

    1. Thanks, lovely! I'm feeling pretty good about it :)