Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just for a day

If I've learned anything over the last three months, it's that I'd been deluding myself for years about how often I can eat exactly what takes my fancy. Sure, when I was breastfeeding I could get away with consuming vast amounts of carbs and sugar... but my eating habits had already been that way for many years. I do love a good pastry, but it's taken me twenty years to accept I don't have the same metabolism I did when I was sixteen. Well, I've actually known that for a long time, but it didn't change the way I ate.

Last time I checked, I was nearly 10 kg down from what I weighed in January, so I'm in a happy place. I don't deny myself the yummy things - but instead of eating them whenever the mood strikes, I've imposed control over exactly how much and when.

Since educating myself about just how many calories are in some of my favourite foods, I won't ever view them in the same light. It feels a little like a loss of innocence, but I'm okay with that. I'd rather be healthier... and I'm also a firm believer that anything in moderation is fine. I'm just more selective now.

Even though I recently gave myself a break (for my birthday) from the calorie-counting and exercise - and enjoyed that day immensely - I wouldn't mind another day like that. Hypothetically, if I could eat whatever I wanted for a day, without gaining an ounce, here's what I'd eat:

(oink oink)

Breakfast would include a generous helping of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Flakes - it's probably been years since I ate those on a regular basis. Followed by... pancakes? Waffles? Nope. I would have French toast, topped with bacon (or banana) and maple syrup. Chased back with a creamy cafe latte, Aussie-style.

Lunch would be a no-brainer. In-N-Out, all the way, baby. A cheeseburger, 'Animal Style' fries, and a chocolate shake. How on earth did I live thirty-something years without In-N-Out?

Dinner... there's too much to choose. Chipotle? They do a damn good burrito. Then again, I love pizza, gourmet-style. And don't get me started on pasta. Ultimately, if a meal has salmon, prawns, or goats cheese? I'm in.

Cheese. I love cheese. Any cheese (unless it's brightly orange-coloured - I don't understand why American cheddar has to be dyed such an artificial shade - wrongtown). On this hypothetical day, much cheese would be consumed. Grilled cheese on toast, cheese and crackers - heaven.

Throughout this day, I would also be doing my best Nancy Botwin impersonation, straw-sipping on giant cups of lemonade from Wetzel's Pretzels. It is the best - and probably unhealthiest - lemonade I've ever tasted.

Once the evening arrived, I'd be cracking open a bottle (or two) or Oyster Bay's Sauvignon Blanc - to accompany my cheese and crackers, naturally. I'd also hit my recently-acquired stash of Aussie chocolate goodness that was sent to me for my birthday.

At some point during this day, I'd have called in at Porto's, a local Cuban bakery, and bought some
refugiados - otherwise known as guava cream cheese strudels. Just the thought makes my mouth water. Oh, and potato balls - kind of like small, spicy balls of shephard's pie, crumbed and deep-fried. So fattening, they're good... trust me.

I'm not fussy when it comes to carbs and pastries, though. I'd be equally happy to have eclairs, hot cross buns or Portuguese tarts. All are guaranteed to make me happy.

Last treat before bed would be ice cream. I'm not actually a big ice cream person, but there are a few types that I can't say no to. Ben & Jerry's is one brand. Or a Magnum Ego. Or - my most recent discovery - Trader Joe's Sublime Ice Cream Sandwich.

(Photo source)

Then? After so much cheese and chocolate consumption? Based on previous experience, let the crazy lady dreams begin...

Linking up with Mama Kat's writing prompt:
If you had one day to eat anything you want and not gain a single ounce what would it be? 

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  1. Damn, now I'm hungry ...

    Congratulations on the weight loss! Not that I thought you needed to because you look great anyway but it just feels good to be healthy so well done on your efforts.

    I keep looking at that cookie. Looking, looking ...

    1. I got hungry writing this too. I may or may not eat one of the things featured here tonight... it's a good thing it's cooled down now. Ice cream sandwich is off the menu! (phew)

  2. Seriously, I was not aware of being hungry at all before I started reading. Now my stomach is growling audibly!
    This is the 2nd time this week I have read about "monster style" In N Out. Not available in Kansas and my curiosity is killing me!

    1. The good news is that Animal Style fries are off their secret menu, so eat away! I'm sure it's the same in Kansas (just google their secret menu; I think they even have it on their website now). Enjoy!

  3. I feel like I gained 5 pounds just reading this!

    If only we could do a day like that every now and then ...

    I have crazy lady dreams when I've had too much carbs too.

    1. If only, hey? I am going to cut loose every now and then, for special occasions. I don't think I could ever deny myself any of my favourite treats completely. Hope I'm not responsible for any weight gain at your end ;)

  4. Yeah, I'd join you for that day of eating! I'd choose pizza over Chipotle, keep up for you ounce for ounce with the cheese, and those refugiados??? Oh MY they look amazing.

    10 kg since January? WAY to go!! (For anyone who doesn't know the conversion, that's 22 pounds! Give this girl a pat on the back!)

    1. Thank you! And as loyal as I am to metric, 22 pounds sounds WAY better than 10 kg ;)

      Craving cheese now, and I don't have much in the house. Could be a good thing...

  5. That strudel looks DIVINE. I love cherry strudel. Oh, gosh, this whole topic is making me want something more than plain baked chicken and potato. :P

    1. I know the feeling! My breakfast and lunches have been pretty boring lately. I miss the days when I'd innocently call by In-N-out for some lunch. I think I'll have to treat myself to one of their burgers this weekend. Yes. I'll do that. It's been a while :)

  6. OMG - I want to know if I can get in on the eat-whatever-and-not-gain-an-ounce-day with you! You've made some choices to die for! Nom, nom, nom!

    1. And I stand by every one of these choices! I'm sure weight gain wouldn't be the only issue, though. I imagine I'd feel quite ill by the end of the day!